Tasty Food Affair
Tasty Food Affair was founded in 2018 when we noticed that the price of
fresh beef in Singapore is exorbitant for mediocre quality and it was a
price that as consumers ourselves felt was not worth paying for.

Having a heart in what we do, we believe in providing our
customers with restaurant-quality fresh beef while
ensuring its affordability for everyone.

Fast forward today, aside from Fresh Beef, you can also find a
wide selection of other proteins products like Pork, Poultry, Lamb,
Seafood and even Finger Food, and these products can also be found
in various restaurants as well.

Shopping with Tasty Food Affair is seamless. Just a few clicks on your
devices and we will get your orders delivered directly to your door in
our trusty fleet of refrigerated trucks so that more quality time can be
spent on what is important to you
- Family.
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