Directly from Tasty Food Affair, to you

Our involvement in every step of your order cycle allows us to proactively monitor and fine-tune our operations. From the cutting and packing to the delivery process. Your orders are dispatched directly from our warehouse.

Cold Chain


With the strong support from our trusted suppliers, we can provide you with a wide variety of quality products from all around the world. Fresh & Frozen Beef – Pork – Poultry – Lamb – Seafood and Finger Food.

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 Freezing Process

We blast freeze our frozen produce. It rapidly brings down the temperature and freezes the items very quickly. This process halts the spread of bacteria quickly, resulting in food that is both fresher and safer to eat. 

Blast Frozen

Unbroken Cold Chain

All items will be delivered in our dedicated refrigerated truck to ensure your items remain cold and fresh from our warehouse to your home.

Most of the time we will pack your order in a styrofoam box to ensure your item remain at the utmost condition throughout the delivery. Our delivery team will collect back the boxes on your next order should you not need it. 

Chiller Truck



We provide islandwide delivery in Singapore. 6 days a week.
Do order in advance to avoid disappointment!


Reuse, Reduce, Recycle - 3Rs

You may return the complimentary styrofoam boxes on your next purchase with us if you wish. Our drivers would be happy to collect from you. Let’s do our part to save Mother Earth.