Prata & Cheese Sausage

Prata with Cheese Sausage
What do you think of when you hear the word 'Prata'?
I guess it should be Roti Prata with curry.
How about something unique, easy to cook and is a perfect party light bites?
Presenting to you: Prata Cheese Sausage!

Ingredient list:
- Prata
-1  Pack TFA's Cheese Sausage / Mini Cheese Sausage 

- Chilli Sauce
- Mayonnaise Sauce

- 1 piece of cheese
- 1 Egg (beaten)
- Cucumbers
- Lettuce
- Tomatoes

(1) Cook the sausage whichever way you like.
(2) Fry the prata
(3) Put the cooked sausage on the Prata, accompanied by any sauces or vegetables to your liking.
(4) Roll the Prata up! 
View video tutorial here: