Premier Cut New Zealand Striploin Steak - Premium (1 Steak)

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  • New Zealand Beef
  • Free Range, No Added Hormones
  • 1 Steak (190g-210g / 280g - 300g)
  • Fresh/Chilled Item
  • Individually Vacuum Packed to prolong freshness and longer shelf-life
  • Our products are prepared freshly upon receiving order confirmation.


Q: What is so special about our Tasty Food Affair New Zealand Premier Cut Beef? 
- The beef is hand-selected by Master Graders from New Zealand which test for:

1) pH Level (For Tenderness) 
2) Marbling (For Juiciness & Tenderness)
3) Ossification (For Tenderness)

4) Rib Fat (For Quality & Consistency)
5) Meat Colour (For Quality)
6) Fat Colour (For Tenderness)
7) Eye Muscle (For Consistency) 

Are you tired of buying inconsistent quality steaks which is sometimes tender and other times tough, we recommend you to try our New Zealand Reserve Selection beef today!

Our Free-Range Grass-Fed NZ Striploin Steak is a cut from the premium New Zealand Beef. In New Zealand, the cows enjoy clean air and plentiful pure water fuels year-round growth of lush, green pastures.

Raised in the pristine pasture from the land down under. 

Our Premier Cut Selection Beef from New Zealand are Free from Antibiotics feedingFree from hormones feeding and is 100% Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised, 100% New Zealand.


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