Marinated Mid Joint Wings (1kg) - 4 Flavours

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A party is never perfect without some delicious chicken wings! Our Marinated Mid-Joint Chicken Wings are tasty, tender and easy to cook. Fuss free, easy to eat and is a perfect party snack.

Specially curated house marinates soak with the meat for at least 24 hours for maximum eating pleasure and is free from MSG.

Our Marinated Mid-Joint Chicken Wings are Ready-To-Cook and is perfect for any BBQ Parties, offices and home.

Oven ready

Air fry ready

Our products are prepared freshly upon receiving order confirmation.

  • Weighs approximately 1.0kg - 1.2kg
  • Comes in 4 flavours
  • Signature Soy
  • Smokey BBQ
  • Cajun
  • Teriyaki

Tasty Recommend: For Airfryer & Oven
Set the temperature to 180 Degree Celcius and let it cook for 15 minutes - 20 minutes, or to your desired crispiness. 




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